Rushing Wind Evangelistic Ministry was birthed out of Rushing Wind Church and Fellowship as a ministry to make others aware of the need for revival: not just a once-a-year preaching event, but the reviving of the church to its intended purpose as designed by Jesus Christ. That purpose of being involved in the life of the believers, and moving believers to introduce others to the Good News of the gospel.

The ministry also maintains a food pantry in Victoria, Texas that provides groceries for those in need at no cost, as well as counseling. The food pantry provides help for an average of over 5000 persons a year and is operated on donations and volunteers.

Bishop Mike Swearingen is a Bishop with The Missionary Church International and is the founding pastor of Rushing Wind Church and Fellowship and Faith On Wheels Motorcycle Ministry. He served as the Texas State Elder for Bikers for Christ for several years prior to retiring.

Mike has a passion for stirring the lukewarm embers into the flames of revival through the power of the Holy Spirit. He has been called to not only preach for revival but to also teach others the methods of evangelism and the development of discipleship.

Bishop Mike maintains a Facebook page with weekly sermons and devotions called A Little Kneeology with Bishop Mike.

He is available to teach in person, as well as Zoom or other social media platforms.